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Property Loans

Whether you are planning to purchase a new home, refinance your existing mortgage, unlock available equity from your property or building a portfolio of properties across Singapore, London, Australia and Malaysia, we can help you find the right financial solution.

  • Attractive Interest Rates
  • High Margin Of Financing
  • Flexible Loan Tenures
  • Convenience Of Financing In Singapore Dollars
Terms & Conditions apply

Portfolio Financing

Enjoy greater financial flexibility for better investment opportunities with Portfolio Financing. 

  • Wide range of acceptable collaterals
    • Approved Shares
    • Approved Unit Trust Funds
    • Approved Structured Deposits
    • Fixed Deposits
  • Attractive interest rate
  • Available in SGD, USD & GBP
  • Loan to value of up to 100%*
  • Interest-only loan with auto rollover on principal
  • Only pay the interest at the end of the interest tenor of each drawdown
  • Save on interest cost by re-financing your higher interest bearing loans
  • Give rise to new investment opportunities
  • Capitalise on yield of the interest rate differentials by investing in high-interest bearing investments using low interest loans
  • No processing fee or annual fee
* Depending on the type of collateral.

Terms & Conditions apply

Important Notices

The information is intended for general circulation and does not take into account the specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any person. You may wish to seek advice from a financial adviser before making a commitment to purchase the product. In the event that you choose not to seek advice from a financial adviser, you should consider whether the product in question is suitable for you. CIMB Bank Berhad (“CIMB Bank”) does not give any representation or warranty whatsoever (including but not limited to any representation or warranty as to the accuracy, suitability, adequacy, timeliness or completeness) in respect of any information provided herein and it should not be relied upon as such. CIMB Bank is not responsible for the updating of any information or to correct any inaccuracy that may become apparent at a later time. All information presented is subject to change without notice. CIMB Bank shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising directly/indirectly howsoever in connection with or as a result of any person acting on any information provided herein. The information provided herein may not be published or circulated in whole or in part without CIMB Bank’s prior written consent.

Marketing and Advertising Materials are not reviewed or endorsed by the MAS.

Risk Warning

This risk warning statement sets out some of the risks associated (“financing”). It does not purport to disclose or discuss all the risks and you should therefore consult with your own legal, tax and financial advisers before accepting or utilizing any such facility. You should determine whether any transaction is suitable for your, taking into account your objectives and financial situation. You are required to maintain a certain level of margin with CIMB Bank Berhad (“the Bank”) for the facilities extended by the Bank to you. If the market moves against you, you may not only sustain a total loss of your initial margin deposit and any additional funds deposited with the Bank to maintain your position, but you may also incur further liability to the Bank or sustain further or additional losses. You may be called upon to “top-up” your margin by substantial amounts or repay outstanding amounts at short notice to maintain your margin, failing which the Bank may have to liquidate the securities placed by you as collateral at a loss and you would be liable for any resulting loss. If the amount is still not adequate to meet your obligations to the Bank, you should be aware that you would be liable to the Bank for the difference.

The Bank may make margin calls on you through various methods, including via phone, SMS or email. Such margin calls are deemed effective once sent even if you may not have received it. However, even if the Bank has contacted you and provided a specific date by which you can meet a margin call, the Bank can still take necessary steps to protect its interests. This may include immediately selling all or any of the securities placed by you as collateral without notice to you and without waiting for the margin call deadline to expire. You are not entitled to choose which securities are to be liquidated or sold to meet a margin call. As the securities are collateral for the financing, The Bank has the right to decide which collateral to sell or realise in order to protect its interests. The Bank can change its margin of finance requirements at any time and is not required to provide you advance written notice. These changes in the Bank policy often take effect immediately and may result in the issuance of a margin call. Your failure to satisfy the call may cause CIMB Bank to liquidate or sell all or any of the securities securing the facility. You are not entitled to an extension of time on a margin call. While an extension of time to meet margin requirements may be available to you under certain conditions, you do not have a right to the extension.

Daily Banking

Our daily banking products and services are designed to provide you with higher rewards and better convenience, regardless of whether you are performing a transaction at the branch or signing up for a CIMB Bank credit card.

  • Exclusive preferential rates for deposit products, remittances and more
  • Dedicated teller counters at all CIMB Preferred centres

Solutions for your needs

Recommended solutions

Core benefits

CIMB StarSaver Account

  • Competitive interest rates on your deposits
  • Accords a CIMB Preferred cheque book (depending on type of account), ATM card and Recognition Card
  • A higher daily ATM withdrawal limit of up to SGD 10,000.
  • No withdrawal fees at any CIMB Bank ATMs across the region
  • No fall below fee
CIMB Multi-Currency Account

Available for clients with an existing CIMB StarSaver Account, you can deposit up to 9 foreign currencies for your saving needs.

Exclusive to CIMB Preferred members.
  • Access to up to 9 different currencies: USD, AUD, EUR, GBP, NZD, CNH, CAD, HKD and JPY
  • Checking facility available for USD account (Automatic replenishment of cheque book)
  • No initial deposit
  • No fall below fees
  • Ease of deposit and withdrawal
  • High interest rates for USD, AUD, GBP and CNH
  • This is an electronic statement based account

A credit card that allows you to enjoy a wide range of exceptional dining, shopping and lifestyle offers from selected merchants.
  • Waived annual fees
  • Double rewards points for overseas spending
  • Fine dining offers and other rewards across the region
CIMB Visa Infinite

Reserved for a selected few, enjoy unlimited 2%* cashback on Travel, Overseas and Online Spend in Foreign Currencies and get unlimited 1%* cashback on all other spend.
  • No annual fees for life
  • Up to 2% unlimited cashback
  • Complimentary access to airport lounges
  • Complimentary travel insurance of up to S$1 million
  • Complimentary Green Fees
  • Up to 4 supplementary cards with no fees for life

*T&Cs apply. Find out more here.

Terms and conditions apply to all products and services.
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