As the cost of living and inflation increases, you may find that your savings, Fixed Deposits and CPF funds may not be able to sustain you and your dependents for long. Unfortunately, these are financial options that most retirees rely on after retirement. To sustain your lifestyle after retirement, it would be prudent to look for other sources of income.

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AIA Platinum Gift For Life

A single premium whole life participating plan, designed as a product solution to retirement planning needs by providing monthly coupon payout after 5 years
  • Single premium whole life plan
  • Monthly coupon payout from the 6th policy year
  • Immediate liquidity with a high cash value from day one
  • Option to accumulate coupon payout with the insurer
  • Provides coverage for Death throughout the policy term
  • Guaranteed issuance with no medical underwriting
TM Retirement GIO

A limited premium whole life participating plan designed to provide a regular stream of retirement income that is guaranteed and payable a lifetime
  • Choice of payout age from 55,60 or 65
  • Lifetime income payout
  • Choice of premium terms from 5, 10 or 15 years
  • Provides coverage for Death throughout the policy term
  • Guaranteed issuance with no medical underwriting
NTUC VivoCash

A regular premium whole life participating plan that pays yearly cash benefits at the end of the 5th policy year
  • Choice of premium terms from 5, 10, 15 or 20 years.
  • Yearly cash benefits from the end of 5th policy year to age 100
  • Option to receive the yearly cash benefits or leave it with NTUC Income to accumulate interest at the prevailing rate.
  • Provides protection against Death, and Total and Permanent Disability
  • Guaranteed issuance with no medical underwriting
NTUC Income Guaranteed Life Annuity

A retirement plan that allows you to use your CPF funds savings as well as offers you a regular income after you retire.
  • Provides regular income during your retirement years
  • Attractive annuity rates with an annual projected bonus rate of 2% p.a.
  • Greater flexibility over annuity payment frequency and annuity modes either immediate or deferred based on your needs

Debt instruments that make periodic interest payments throughout their lifetime and principal repaid at maturity
  • Steady stream of income
  • Portfolio diversification and balancing
Unit Trusts

A pool of funds which will be invested in securities managed by professional fund managers
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Access to global markets
  • Affordable and flexible investment options
  • Daily redemption based on daily market valuation

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